Consequences Of Pragmatism Review – Book Report/Review Example

Consequences of Pragmatism review Philosophy is indeed complicated particularly when it spoke about the pragmatist saying that it is the effect of the end Platonic philosophy which already outlived its usefulness. In effect, the pragmatist does not like to argue but sees things as they are and find it unnecessary to ask questions because things are already what they are. It claims to be anti-philosophy and uses non-philosophical language to stress its claim. And when a subject becomes philosophical that has Platonic assumptions, meaning, the need to reason and inquire, it cannot reach to a conclusion. For the pragmatist, truth is already the name of the property that it wishes to inquire such that, nothing is truer than 1 plus 1 equals to 2 or that the sun will rise tomorrow.
The end goal of a pragmatist is not to become a philosopher and the closest it can get to being a philosopher is by being anti-philosophical. In sum, its point of view is that there is nothing more to everything because things are already what they are.
Personally, I find the point of view of the pragmatist simplistic but it helped me understand the origin of the word pragmatist that it accepts things at its face value that there is nothing profound about the universe. I surmise however that the world would be devoid of imagination and reasoning if the pragmatist point of view prevailed especially with its assumption that Platonic philosophy has already outlived its usefulness. I find its position also to be incorrect when it said that pragmatism is not a philosophy when in fact it is even with its claim that it undermines philosophy itself.