Critical Thinking – Book Report/Review Example

Critical Thinking A research article should look professional meaning that it should be done most probably with an expert in that field of research and should clarify its findings maybe through referencing or any other supportive way in order to confirm the findings of the article. The paper by Family Research Council, Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage, is no exemption in these elements as it was first written by a team of experts with regards to the subject matter and also almost every argument is supported with a source, meaning they are correctly referenced. This helps in clarifying the points made out by the research team. Also, a nice research should be about an issue that has been of concern to the entire society. Same-sex marriages and how they affect children has been to center of many debates worldwide and discussing such a subject matter can attract many readers (Critical Thinking 1). It is also a subject that has been discussed in many scholarly fields and this article can help shed light among the people who take part in this argument. The only negative that I found in this article was that it did not expand much on its points, maybe it was because of the limited word count.
Being a critical thinker means analyzing something from a neutral point of view and fairly coming up with its pros and cons and deciding which outweighs the other. It this case, same-sex marriage negatively affects children that are brought into the matrimony. It is important to be a critical thinker because it helps in confirming the validity of facts. Also, in cases such as research, criticizing a research article will motivate other researchers to come up with top class articles.
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