Discuss Themes (overall Meanings) In Emily Dickinson's Poem Success Is Counted Sweetest And The – Book Report/Review Example

Real Life Reflection on Success is Counted Sweetest The poem Success is Counted Sweetest has been written by Emily Dickenson to account the idea of value of belongings to people who possess it and those who yearn to possess it. The poem shows that a property that is possessed by a person is not accessible to every other person. The value of a respective property may not be high for its owner. Only a person who lacks something would understand the need of having it in life.
The poem greatly relates to life and talks about winners and losers. The poetess has stressed on the fact that life is a constant race where one loses while other wins. The only different between the two individuals is that the person winning would not be able to understand the value of the prize then the one who lost it (Buckhingam).
The poem holds its central idea within the three stanzas. In the first stanza, the poetess has basically given an illustration to the prize relating it with the fruit nectar. In the second and third stanza, the poetess has elaborated regarding the taste of loss (Buckhingam).
. The main idea to make use of nectar as a prize is because it is produced by putting a lot of hard work. This can be applied to real life as one works day and night to achieve something but one who has no access to workplace or any type of work will understand the value of prize more than who has it.
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