Discussion Forum – Book Report/Review Example

Module Discussion Forum The New England Patriots "cheating scandal" is worthy of the media coverage it has received owing to the recent numerous cases of cheating in sports. Consequently, it is the responsbility of the media to investigate and highlight possible and proven cases of cheating since it is ruining the image of players, managers and investors, and affecting popularity. All sports are too imporatnt to be ignored, so the media has to give any allegations and suspicions of cheating, as is the case here, as much coverage as it deserves, and reveal the truth.
Covering this subject does not reduce the time and attention allocated to issues that more or less have greater potential effect on our lives. Sports are an invaluable part of modern society. Different stakeholders not only depend on sports for a living but also generate revenue that supports the economy. Other stakeholders use sports to spread positive messages in the society and to change people’s lives. Sports are imporatant for media clture because they generate revenue, create jobs, and provide a platform for highlighting other issues. These impacts cannot be maligned because there are other more important issues like diseases and the economy. Doing that would be misinformed because it is naïve to think that a situation can be improved by suppressing positive developments.
It is important to pay attention to the variety of news we consume. Sports and entertainment are good for our overall development, but too much consumption of such news creates a myopic and misinformed perspective of issues. People must ensure that they access consumer-serious news in order to develop a holistic outlook of life and its core issues. Focusing on sports and entertaiment creates a false sense of comfort and robs individuals of the potential to think critically and analyse situations.
My media diet is very healthy because it is balanced. I access and use information on different topics, from politics to sports. I also ensure that the information I access is not only relevant but also well-researched.
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