Dispute Resolution And The Bill Of Rights – Book Report/Review Example

Alternative methods Alternative methods Most persons in the barber business are small business owners who are competing in a increasingly flattening as well as intense global environment. There are certain problems that come with the court system such as the indecent exposure of the business, as well as the costs that are exorbitant in light of a small business such as a barbershop (Currie, 2013). In the event of a contract breach, each party needs to hire a lawyer and begin the negotiation process in order to try and achieve a satisfactory resolution. In order to avoid court proceedings where the decision is left to the discretion of juries and judges, there is a need to incorporate mandatory mediation in the contractual agreements prior to the instituting of litigation. It is imperative to understand that mediation is a flexible vehicle as compared to the court system.
For example, a dispute with an employee who works with the barbershop should be dealt with in the barbershop. If the scuffle gets out in the form of litigation, it might cause a lot of damage to the barber’s shops public relation (Currie, 2013). Therefore, there is a need to employ methods such as mediation in a bid to enable the success of the business.
The most amendment is the first amendment which enables citizens to express their thoughts and beliefs (Wiltshire, 1992). A private company is neither a government nor a state and consequently it is a way in which one expresses his ideas. Further, there is also the clause on the right to own property in the bill of rights and these two means that one can transform a business idea into property.
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