Evil Spirits – Book Report/Review Example

Poem Analysis: Yevgeny Yevtushenko’s Evil Spirits In Yevtushenko’s poem Evil Spirits, the poet presents a situation of dire need. The “I” in the poem is travelling along a road that is slowly being hidden out by falling snow. The terrain is most likely on a territory unknown to the riders who now feel frightened by the changing weather elements. Yevtushenko’s poem is open to many interpretations. Going by its title Evil Spirits, one can argue that the poet intended to show that the devil has nothing to offer except chaos and disorganization. The poet feels that the riders are losing their path because of evil spirits who are after them.
The poet also uses the riders’ imagination to bring out the nature of evil spirits. He claims that they evil spirits are only out to cause trouble, for instance, pushing the riders into the ravine and making the horses run wild. In stanza 4, the poet’s imagination changes from what one may observe as wrong perceptions brought about by fear. When the horses stop because there is something in the distance, it is probably likely that a wolf is on their path. However, the poet says in stanza 5 that the image “skipping in the distance” is the devil himself. The riders see bright eyes in the night, which the poet attributes to be the devil’s own eyes. Even so, stanza 6 finally affirms that whatever the riders see in the distance is a pack of wolves that are “countless and hideous.” The perceived evil spirits’ plaintive singing may the howling of the wolves. It is a common thing for wolves to hunt after horses in a pack, however, the poet compares such kind of merciless adaptation to life with a devil-like approach, as it is usually brutal and merciless.
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