Forum – Book Report/Review Example

Silas Marner Silas Marner The book d Silas Marner focuses on the story of a man d Silas, whom his village excommunicated after the false accusations of theft. The situation compelled him to move to a village named Raveloe, in which he experienced a high level of alienation because he was unable to connect with the neighbors. Therefore, the situation compelled him to lead a solitary life. After several years, all his money and treasures were stolen an experience that devastated him (Eliot et al., 2012). Therefore, he lost faith in the new land and lacked enough friends to console him. However, the arrival of Eppie changed his life completely. After Silas tried to help Eppie’s mother by taking her to a doctor, she unfortunately died leaving behind a helpless child.
Godfrey, the father’s child was unwilling to accept and recognize her. Therefore, Silas decided to adopt the child. His experience with Eppie, whom ne named after his mother and sister, brought a new sense of happiness into his life. After many years of isolation, Eppie created a link between the villagers and Silas. Moreover, the joy of watching his daughter grow up proved to be highly satisfying for Silas. For this reason, the arrival of a daughter into his life had positive emotional effects. Dolly requested Silas to have the child christened and introduced to the Christian teachings (p. 127). Therefore, Silas accepted to change his ways and adopt a more Christian view as a move of ensuring that his daughter had a good Christian background. Through the help of Dolly, Silas became more spiritual.
Eliot, G., Jensen, K. O. D., Alexandersen, P. B., & Aschehoug (Kopenhaga). (2012).Silas Marner: The weaver of Raveloe. Copenhagen: Aschehoug/Alinea.