I Do Not Need Topic – Book Report/Review Example

Steel Magnolias The play Steel Magnolias is set in a beauty salon d Truvy’s Beauty Salon. This salon is in Chinquapin Parish’s Chinquapin town, which is in the state of Louisiana in the Southern part of the United States (Harling 2). The play begins in spring, moves to the next Christmas period six months later before skipping forward eighteen months to June, and ends in November. All this occurs in the eighties, although the exact year is not clear from the play. The play is set in Truvy’s Salon, where she has just hired another assistant, Arnelle. The salon also has a close-knit group of customers, who include Clairee, M’Lynn, Shelby, and Ouiser. These six women are the only ones who appear on stage throughout the play. M’Lynn is the mother to Shelby and is married to Drum Eatenton. Shelby is a maternity ward nurse and is due to get married also to Jackson. Ouiser Boudreaux is a neighbor to Truvy. While M’Lynn and Ouiser are good friends, M’Lynn’s husband and Ouser are not friends. Arnelle, the new assistant, is recently separated from her husband who left with their car and money (Harling 4). Ouser is between 55 and 65, Clairee is between 55 and 65, M’Lynn, is in her forties, Truvy is in her late thirties, Shelby is in her early twenties, whereas Arnelle is also in her early twenties.
The play is preceded by Shelby’s pursuit of being a mother, the illness that places obstacles in her way, deciding to become expectant despite the fact that it could harm her health (Harling 15). Arnelle also had trouble with her former husband who had criminal tendencies, becoming a Christian zealot, and becoming pregnant.
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