Industrialism Vs Communism – Book Report/Review Example

Industrialism vs. Communism Andrew Carnegie: The Gospel of Wealth, 1889 By Internet Modern History Sourcebook. This article addresses the aspect of civilization change that has emerged based on the mode of administering wealth within the past one hundred years. Contrary to the past, there is a great discrepancy between the rich and those who do not have in the current society brought by Industrialism policies especially when administering wealth (“Internet Modern History Sourcebook”). This is evident in Europe and in other regions that embrace similar mode of administering wealth, which is leaving to their families (“Internet Modern History Sourcebook”). The other two modes cited in this article encompass leaving wealth for the public use and giving out to the society for human race’s common good. The latter mode mostly emphasizes on elevating human race via reconciling both the rich and those who in the society seems to wallow in abject poverty, which is communism (“Internet Modern History Sourcebook”). The opinion behind this mode of administering wealth entails seeking equal assumption of humanity to a similar level in terms of materialistic gain irrespective of one’s societal role or status.
According to this article, leaving wealth for public use promotes industrialism besides the regime embarking on heavy taxing. This is because the wealth or property left after owner’s death is only in the hands of few people who are not willing to share, hence result to hoarding it (“Internet Modern History Sourcebook”). Therefore, the society ends up comprising of two groups of people, which are the rich and the poor. This is the common scenario characterizing the current world, which this article’s author cites is contrary to the way society used to be hundred years ago. Since, that time there was no discrepancy between the chief and his subjects in various ways, for instance, dressing, dwelling, food or even one’s settings (“Internet Modern History Sourcebook”).

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