Outline For The Book In The Realm Of A Dying Emperor – Book Report/Review Example

OUTLINE OF IN THE REALM OF A DYING EMPEROR BY NORMA FIELD This is the outline of the book, In the Realm of a Dying Emperor that symbolizes the ancient Japanese past.
Chapter bullets
a. The Paradox Of Lamentation- Written By Chong Chuwol
b. Prologue- Time : August
c. Okinawa- Supermarket Owner
d. Yamaguchi- An Ordinary Woman
e. Nagasaki- the mayor
In the Realm of a Dying Emperor is about an Emperor who died from cancer and managed to make history through his rule1.
Critical information and argument
One of the important factors is that the Emperor was the leader of the Japanese people and maintained that title at a time that war was present. He was the Emperor before the war, during the war and also after World War 2. This is one factor that made the Emperor famous. The next is the fact that his death brought about a change in the states governing body2. The book is made up of several chapters and they all add up to show the significance and importance of the Emperor, his achievements and the major developments that he brought along.
Key ideas
The key ideas from the book talk about developments that were present during his time and how he brought about changes like having a good economy and Japan becoming modern. His death brought about several changes that affected the Japanese people which included a crucial part of Japan; the economy. The author is trying to show how the Emperor brought about the much needed peace in his time when he was alive. All this changed after his death3. The book was written in order to commemorate a hero whose actions brought smiles to many Japanese people while he was alive.
Field, Norma. 1993. In the realm of a dying emperor. New York: Vintage Books.