Peer Review – Book Report/Review Example

A Review of the Article: Treating Schizophrenia with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy al Affiliation A Review of the Article: Treating Schizophrenia with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
One of the notable aspects of the research paper is its consistence logic. The article has all the parts that a research paper is supposed to have. For example, the paper has a background, which explains more about schizophrenia and how the disease can be treated. The paper also has a comparison part where the researcher compares the treatment that of schizophrenia in different countries. Another part that has been covered by the researcher is criminal acts and their relation to schizophrenia since many individuals suffering from the disease can commit crimes especially when they abuse drugs and alcohol. The paper explains the gaps and limitations of the research and ends up with a conclusion, which summarizes the whole paper in one paragraph.
The conclusion of the research paper draws from the data and its analysis since it relates cognitive-behavioral therapy with decrease in the number of people suffering from the illness. The conclusion also relates schizophrenia and substance abuse with crime. This part ends by reinforcing the data analysis since it states that cognitive-behavioral therapy is very helpful for treating persons with schizophrenia regardless of whether the patient has committed a crime or not.
Apart from a good conclusion and a good logical flow, gaps in research have been identified and explained. For example, one of the identified gaps include gaps in the CBT’s therapy and its relation to Schizophrenia as limited research in this area. Gaps in the area of research validity in relation to the disease in question have also been identified and clearly explained.