Personal Response, Cropsey – Book Report/Review Example

Personal response, cropsey Personal response, Cropsey The Cropsey investigations involve a documentary or film created and named “Cropsey: The Urban Legend”. This documentary shows an alleged tale of a serial killer in New York city who was believed to have kidnapped and killed at least five children. The man alleged to be guilty of these crimes was a 43-year-old man called Andre Rand who was homeless and lived in the vacated buildings of a hospital he worked in and closed down many years ago. This man became a suspect in the investigations into the death of Schweiger and other four children who had died earlier. These allegations were made by eyewitnesses who claimed they had earlier seen him with the little girl before she went missing (Lohr, n.d).
However all these investigations in this documentary does not show anything to provide any linkages between the man and the case upon him. The authorities behind the investigations only seem to be working on allegations that have no grounding at all. According to Muir (2010), it is almost evident that this man is only being accused of these cases because of his past and way of life that was generally portrayed as demonic. Any one watching this video would attest to the fact that the authorities settled on a wrong person, arrested him and charged him with false accusations that lacked concrete evidence. Actually, this man was only jailed because of sentiments from eyewitnesses and general appearance, which are not enough to prove someone’s guilt (Prejean, 1994). Mental problems illness is also not enough to make Rand a killer. Watching the film makes one get the feeling that the filmmakers had a great urge to solve the mystery but there wasn’t any breakthroughs. One gets the impression that this attitude is what made them settle for the eyewitness views that came in later as an attempt at attention. It is very clear that despite their efforts, they never managed to prove that Rand was guilty. This means there is more to the story that was never exposed.
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