Pol Dci Forum 1 – Book Report/Review Example

Anti-federalists According to Ginsberg et al., anti-federalists were a diverse coalition of people drawn from different local areas and were opposed to the ratification of the United States’ constitution mainly because it handed the central government too much power (12-13). Ginsberg et al. further added that the opposition by the anti-federalist on the new constitution was because they preferred a strong state government and a weak national government (13). The anti-federalists were of the view that a strong national government would likely address issues that are only exhibited at the national level and therefore issues that are affecting the common person at the grass root level would likely remain unresolved. Thirdly, Ginsberg et al. stated that anti-federalists were of the view that when power is at hand of few people then there is likely to be regional imbalance and even there would be inequitable distribution of national wealth. Lastly, the anti-federalists opposed the new constitution because it did not contain the bill of rights (25-29).
Federals response to the concerns raised by the anti-federalists
According to Ginsberg et al, on the concern that the new constitution would give too much power to the central government thus creating possibilities of abuse of power, the federalists responded by stating that there would be systems of checks and balance in place. These systems would ensure that the central government does not abuse the power that has been handed to it by the new constitution (34-36). Moreover, the federalists were of the view that a stronger national government would be able to effectively protect the nation against foreign invasion, and promote commerce and trade within the nation. Lastly, federalist responded to the concerns raised by anti-federalists by promising them that the bill of rights will be included in the constitution after it has been passed.
Personal opinion
In my own opinion, the two sides presented substantive arguments that were factual, however I personally think that the arguments presented by the federalists were substantive and in my view, I tend to believe anti-federalists were simply against change. The fear of a stronger national government is easily subverted by the creation of a stronger opposition that would ensure that the national government address issues affecting every common person. Secondly, by relying on a strong opposition the anti-federalists could still ensure the bills of rights are covered in the new constitution.
Work Cited
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