Reading Journey For The Book The Secret Life Of The Bees Page 256 To The End – Book Report/Review Example

Pages Personal Response to the Secret life of the Bees Main Points Lily Owens is the narrator of the story She is 14 years old She lives with her father in Sylvan, South Carolina
Her mother is dead
She found August as her god-mother
The Secret Life of Bees is a novel about the life of a girl named Lily who lives with her father in Sylvan, South Carolina. Lily Owens is the narrator of the story; her life is not as simple as expected due to her father, T.Ray, being abusive and sceptic of her stories. This leads to Lily experiencing external and internal conflicts that ultimately mould her character and give her an attitude towards life. The novel is characterized by her need for motherly love which is she describes as an emptiness that fills her heart. In her opinion, she feels the urge and need to understand her mother as a necessity before confronting her own life. From page 256 onwards of the novel, the protagonist Lily has grown as an individual. Throughout the novel, Lily has searched for an escape from the harsh realities of her own life by searching for the truth about her mother. In chapters 12 and 13, we find Lily searching for a friend and someone to confide in.
Personal Response
In my opinion, her search is warranted due to her traumatic life experiences with her father. Her father fails to be her companion due to his abusive attitude towards his own kin. She finds August who proves to be more than a mother figure to Lily (Kidd 258). Her conversation with August proves to be the emotional climax of the novel as it answers a lot of questions regarding the mystery of Lily’s mother (Kidd 257).
Her reaction towards the truth about her mother is understandable as the readers see Lily through new eyes. She becomes violent smashing honey jars and adopts the character of her father. Her reaction is very similar to what her father portrayed during her childhood (Kidd 263). In spite of all this, she finds solace with her bees that teach her how to confront her anger towards her mother. The bees in the Boatwright house help her in becoming an intelligent and well adjusted individual.
What are some of the side effects of depression in children?
What causes conflict between parents and children?
What benefits do guardians bring to depressed children?
Are fathers capable of providing enough love for their children when their mothers are dead?

Conflict: this is the strong disagreement between people or groups. For example, the conflict between Lily and her father.
Depression: this is a mood disorder that results into lack of interest and persistence sadness.
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