Religious And Spiritual – Book Report/Review Example

DD Month YYYY SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS In the article Driven to Explore written by Robert Wuthnow, the discusses about how individuals tends to seek spirituality. Those artists that are into spiritual journey use creative means in finding one. The unknown nature of spirituality tends to encourage the artists to explore beyond their spiritual traditions that they are familiar with. Majority of this group are controlled by their consumer related culture which emphasizes on spiritual practices that are prepackaged. Yet their desires are normally controlled by their vigor which prevents them from the comfortability for the conventional shopping for spirituality. The history and criticism play a smaller attention to the life of an artist. Although the same artists reveal their biographies in statements that are published, it is uncommon to have the liable information from the research about the most revealing aspect of a person’s life (Wuthnow, 139).
In my opinion when thinking of spirituality, it is what is related and affect the spirit of human or soul not physical or material things. Spirituality touches a place in a person that is independent from the physical comforts and material things. The objective of a spiritual seeker is not something a person engages in to escape boredom. It is a type of pilgrimage that takes a lot of energy and time than people tends to imagine it could. Seeking for spirituality is not a simple thing to do. Not every person can figure out his true value and what they really want. Some people believe that religion can help them find their spiritual aspects while others have their ways of finding it (Wuthnow, 159). For this reason, it is imperative for one to look deep within oneself and discover their true values and beliefs.
Wuthnow, Robert. Creative Spirituality. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2001. Print.