Response Paper – Book Report/Review Example

Response Paper: Chapter 4 – Something and Nothing The photographs illustrated in Chapter 4, aptly d “Something and Nothing” is deemed to depict the message of art being seen from the eyes of both the photographer and the viewer. The author of the book greatly contributed to enhanced understanding of various artists’ renditions and their respective meanings. Otherwise, a viewer might indeed question – what is artistic in it? Like the photograph of Jeff Wall’s Diagonal Composition No. 3 (p. 131), which was actually observed as an unusual work where awkward shot of cleaning materials seemed irrelevant. Aside from this sole photograph, the rest of the collection of photographic art was highly appreciated in terms of the meanings and interpretations that jive.
The still life photograph of Laura Letinsky (p.132) was not breathtaking but captured the essence intended by the artist; where one supposed that careful thought and creative applications were designed to strategically position each image so that a supposed narrative discourse is created. Another set of noteworthy photographs were those that aimed to capture spaces between things: effectively using window panes to venture beyond what one traditionally sees; or to use reflections to see beyond the most ordinary image (Sabine Hornig, Window with Door, p. 135).
One has marveled at the creative and innovative talents exhibited by artists through their respective photographs. As noted, readers and viewers could greatly appreciate being offered more photographs of an artist’s work to provide comparative vantage and perspectives. Overall, the reading made one realize the immensity of objects and subjects which can be used to create photographic arts at its best.