Seminar Paper – Book Report/Review Example

Sur 1 The Human Factor In the current technological world, all the airplanes should be fitted with a robot-aided piloting. This has been in existence for some time now even though not in all which has made it difficult for many people to realize. It is my prayer that it is extended to the cars so that the high number of accidents can be reduced to the lowest level ever. Safety of the passengers and the crew in every plane has been improved despite the fact that these technological changes would lead to pilots loosing some of their skills.
In William Langewiesche’s “ The Human Factor”, I t is out of the negligence and failure to follow the instructions that the plane had to crush and kill all the people including the pilots who had not done their best to avoid this, instead, some of them felt a sleep and they ended up in one of the world’s most fetal accidents ever. We are told in the text that the warnings sounded continuously for fifty four seconds and even the flight attendant asked but she was ignored by Robert.
Human beings are their own enemies because we fail to do what is expected of us at the correct time, the management of an airplane depends on clear communication and good team work

between the pilot, co-pilot and the flight controller for all the functions to go as intended. The lack of linkage did not allow Robert to feel Borin’s flailing (page 291) the reading text.
This is why the introduction of the automation has come with a lot of success and the people who designed it should be seen as one the greatest heroes of this world. It is not a hundred percent though because accidents and plain crushes still occur but most of these is because of the confusion in the interface between the pilot and the semi – robotic machine and specialist have given warnings to the pilots to be very aware of this.
Airplane manufactures should admit to the many serious issues that their machines have because of the many problems and loses involved. They should add more efficiency to their aircraft system and to the computers and other machines in the control room. But if they don’t make all these changes, then people will continue perishing without noticing the real course.
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