Sociology Question – Book Report/Review Example

5 May Matters In Where We Stand: Matters by Bell Hook, and race are part of the themes in thisliterary work. There are several theories that can be discussed when discussing class and race. One of these is social construction where people often have a presumption about race and class and how different societies and cultures create a stereotype about race and class and what is considered appropriate behavior for a person that is of a certain race. People often presume that people within a certain class belong to a particular class. There are several factors that can weaken this assumption.
In this book, a dilemma is that a woman is a successful black woman. Not only is she a black person who is successful but she is also a woman so society looks at her with a gender role in mind also. Class and race are intertwined because people typically have the sociological framework to believe that people of a different race belong in a certain class. People typically believe that black people are poor, live in low income housing, obtain their money from the government, are single parent families and if they do have jobs, they are of the working class.
When looking at race and class, I try to utilize my own theory that yes, these stereotypes do exist. However, I do not believe in a white supremacy theory. I think that sometimes that is an excuse that some people might make for trying to come up with a good reason why racism occurs. While some people do have a white supremacy mentality and this is all intertwined, this would be to assume that all whites think that they are better than other races as well. That would be reversed stereotypical racism and class methods of thinking. With a black man in the White House who is intelligent, I believe that today’s society has changed considerably because whether a person likes the President or not, President Obama is symbolic of a successful and intelligent man of race.