Summary Of The Story – Book Report/Review Example

Prof’s Horse Whisperer Summary The Horse Whisperer is a book by Nicholas Evans. The story opens with two girls, Grace and Judith, riding on their horses, who are called Pilgrim and Gulliver on a snowy morning in Upstate New York. As they ride, there is an accident, and the two horses bump into each other and start to fall, pulling the girls with them. Unfortunately, Judith and her horse die when the group is struck by a truck that was going down the highway that the children fell into. Grace has to have a leg amputated, and her horse is skittish and unwilling to be mounted or even let people near her – there is some worry that she is also dangerous and might do someone harm. Many people want to put the horse down, but Grace’s mother refuses this option. Instead, she hears of a horse whisperer named Tom Booker. Thinking this might be her only solution, she takes her daughter and her daughter’s horse on a long cross-country journey to meet this person. The horse whisperer, Tom Booker, makes some progress initially, but this progress is not complete – Grace still can’t mount her horse. While he is working on this, he and Annie, Grace’s mother, fall in love and begin an affair. Eventually, he tries a drastic training technique (having Pilgrim lie down and Grace stand on him) – which is successful. Grace finds out about the affair, and leaves the ranch. Tom goes off after her, finding her horse fighting with a feral stallion – he manages to separate the fight, but is killed in the process. When Annie and her daughter return home, Annie realizes she is pregnant, and the baby is born with Tom’s blue eyes.