Summery – Book Report/Review Example

Outsourcing Finds Its Niche Outsourcing as a practice in the business environment has gained momentum in the American business society and it is not going away any time soon. Supply management professionals have ascertained that this concept will continue to expand and mature in the cooperate sector. However, over the years outsourcing has met several challenges, because of pressure mounted by resource suppliers on companies.
A Shift in Sourcing Strategies
Companies that deal in IT services, manufacturing and services industry have made the process cost effective. This has been done through establishment of high performance business models, making access to good sourcing companies effective and easy. Low-cost-country outscoring in the last decades was popular however, many supply management staffs found it to be short term. The change took place when sourcing companies began digging into hidden costs associated with sourcing all over the world.
The Resurgence of Manufacturing in America
It is worth noting that though, there are a number of factors that have decentralized sourcing there are a number of factors taking business back to America, these includes among others the rising of cost of operating business in China and new discovery of sources of energy in North America. Above all these, it is pointed out that best sourcing decisions were originally designed for the overseas market (Cramer, 2012).
Work cited
Cramer, Thomas A. Executive Insight to Computing Management. U.S.: ALR Consultants, 2012. Print.