The Perils Of Indifference – Book Report/Review Example

27 October The Perils of Injustice Analysis In The Perils of Injustice, the speaker talks of a need for the people to raise their consent and voice against the injustice they see around the world. The speaker talks about a lot of wars that have occurred in the past that include but were not limited to the First World War, the Second World War, the US-Vietnam war and the wars between India and Pakistan. All of these wars could have been prevented had timely action been taken. The speaker says that the victims of wars were offered help after the war. Had it come before or during the war, many of the assassinated could have been saved. Therefore, the speaker encourages every individual that senses injustice anywhere to stand up and stop the evil forces from taking control over the world. The speaker does acknowledge that the US government has lately started to take action against the individuals, groups and communities that are spreading violence in the world. He says that this is a proof that we have learnt a lesson from the history.
Indifference has been described by the speaker as a social crime. The fundamental consequence of the indifference is the spread of violence and terrorism. Indifference is what makes human life meaningless. It spreads selfishness and inconsideration. Indifference benefits the enemy. Lack of retaliation makes it easy for the enemy to achieve his goals. It saps human ability to feel the pain of others. Therefore, indifference is a sin as well as a punishment because it saps the status of a human being from an individual.