The Precarious Book By Judith Better Chapter 3 – Book Report/Review Example

of Indefinite Detention: Chapter Summary Thesis ment: The main synthesis presented in the chapter is about the indefinite or illegitimate detention being given in Guantanamo against Geneva Convention.
The author Judith Butler in her third chapter of the book, The Precarious Book talks in an in-depth manner about the government’s role in the detention illegitimacy. The author has taken wider frame to discuss about the subject in the third chapter of the book. As evident from the chapter’s title, Indefinite Detention, government has been involved in achieving its interest at the expense of détentes (Butler).
The author has taken a position against the government by noting down the function a government must play i.e. to manage and allocate resources for population. Management of population includes all sorts of groups. Guantanamo can be considered as an overlooked part of the management that US government should have focused (Butler).
The continuous illegitimate detentions can be recorded as the most ill-managed incident in the history. The author also notes in the chapter that this can be considered as an action against the human rights commission. The author has also made it easier for the readers to note by illustrating indefinite detentions such as verbal assault, degrading the personality of the détentes etc (Butler).
It will not be incorrect to mention that the author has taken a very critical yet authentic stance on the subject by claiming that US government does not understand the meanings of civilization. The term internationalism has continued to make the circumstances worst by avid illegitimacy detention (Butler).
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