Watch The Video And Make Comments – Book Report/Review Example

College: Watch the Video and Make Comments From the video excerpt ‘Your Inner Fish’, Bruce Latimer argues that human spinal issues are ancient and as a result of the way humans walk. He analyzes a sample of Australopithecus Afarensis that used two legs to navigate around. Anatomist Bruce Latimer suggests that the manner in which humans walk result to back ailments. From the clip, it is evident that the human back is the weakest in the human muscle system. Since the weight of an individual is upfront, the human balance is compromised. The spinal cord has to be curved in order to support the human skeleton, as well as the body. A curved spine results to the back problems. The vertebrae and discs are subjected to a lot of pressure especially the thoracic vertebrae. The fracture of the curves results to the aching of the human back.
From the video excerpt, ‘James Burke DTUC opening remarks’, James Burke argues that a person sees what his or her knowledge allows him or her to see. The excerpt dwells on the perceptions and beliefs of the universe depends on the existing knowledge. Through history and the progression of the world, new discoveries are made that nullify the existing principles about certain subjects (Burke 7). The video excerpt points out that the existing knowledge is outdated due to progression in science, as well as technology. James Burke lists down various discoveries that altered the fundamental perception of the western civilization regarding the universe. The nature of optical illusions allows humans to see a pre-conditioned system of life that is mutually subjected to everyone. In this excerpt, it is evident that changing the perception of the earth results to the basic changing of the universe.
Work cited
Burke, James. The Day the Universe Changed. Boston: Little, Brown, 1985.