What Is Philosophy – Book Report/Review Example

What is Philosophy? Philosophy is basically an amalgamation of ideas and opinions which shape up human beliefs and morals. The ideological basis is essentially derived from a number of different angles, most of which are experiential based and others coming from the circles of how others have viewed the subject at hand. This is in essence a very debatable topic but one that is mutually agreed by just about every one as the basic claims are more or less the same. Philosophy teaches individuals to remain in line with their needs and how they can shape up the relevant systems and domains as they think, feel and practically mold things in normal, day to day life. The different subjects and matters remain very much ingrained within the mindset of a person who thinks from a philosophical standpoint. At times, philosophy is seen as a thing that might not work in the long term scheme of things but then again it is good to have both perspectives as well as the philosophical angle as one moves ahead further. What is most important is the fact that philosophy will bring a wholly new angle or mindset within the fray and take things in a vein that has not been touched up[on in the past. Opinions do matter within the discussion of philosophy but it is always a good thing to have a look at the theoretical angle as well. I believe that philosophy has got its own place within the related scheme of things and it would be fair to suggest that philosophical debates should center around reality and experience as humans encounter both of these in due abundance.