Where Wizards Stay Up Late Haffner(ISBN 9780684812014) – Book Report/Review Example

Where Wizards Stay up Late – Haffner This book, Where Wizard Stay Up Late, in summary is a review of how internet started. In the 1960s, the Defense Department funded a certain project involving developing ways to link and connects various computers among its researchers based in University in order to increase point-to-point communications. The contract became awarded to BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman) consulting firm. An Interface Message Processor became the first invented item and it linked host computers in four research sites by the help of transcontinental telephone lines (Hafner, 1999).
The ARPA net allowed resource sharing in the military as intended. Then, the drive to have more personal communication led to the growth of ARPA net. In the late 1980s, technological refinements plus increased use of the internet in non-military stuff prompted its growth to various computers and other networks. Eventually, a world wide web composed of internet connections to various computers in the world became established (Hafner, 1999).
The book Business Data Communications, remains too and ideal book for use in data communications, business data communications plus introductory networking in business. The book, Where Wizard Stay Up Late, got relevance in the course as it gives the background on how the internet started, then came to grow to how it is now.
Katie Hafner, M. L. (1999). Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet. New
York: Simon & Schuster.