Workaholism In Organizations: Psychological And Physical Well-being Consequences – Book Report/Review Example

Workaholism in organizations: psychological and physical well-being consequences ‘Workaholism in organizations: psychological and physical well- being consequence’ is a research based article that was authored by Burke Ronald and published by Stress Medicine. The article establishes a relationship between workaholism and ‘well-being’. In the article, the author summarizes his work before exploring existing literature on the topic to identify knowledge gaps for exploration. It then outlines the methodology as adopted by the researcher, including sampling strategy and data collection instruments. Results of the research that includes descriptive statistics and a discussion of the findings then follow (Burke, p. 11- 15).
The article’s structure is well organized to assume the general structure of a research report that consists of main reason and rationale for a research, literature review, methodology, results, and conclusion (Mateo and Kirchhoff, p. 73- 83). The paper’s research effectively explores literature in the topic and successfully identifies knowledge gaps for development of a problem statement. Even though the author does not formulate a problem statement, a research question, and a hypothesis for the research, these can be inferred from the article’s introductory part that states the scope and intention of the research. The article also identifies the applied methodology as well as a randomized sampling approach and application of questionnaires for data collection. These communicate a high level of validity and reliability of the research’s procedure, results, and discussion. The author also succeeded in communicating his results, even though they are presented in different sections, results and measures, and in data analysis through descriptive statistics. The article however lacks a conclusion though this is necessary for a research report (Burke, p. 11- 15).
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