After Watch Movie Called Office Space – Case Study Example

Human Resource Concepts in Office Space Movie Human Resource Concepts in Office Space Movie The process of doing the job at Initech requires workers such as Peter to work in tiny cubicles and deal with the noise from innumerable machines (, 2015). The lighting is not sufficient, and it worsens the bad work ethics and corporate culture in the movie.
Efficiency consultants conduct job analysis with the help of workers such as Peter. The beginning of the play shows a few bosses confronting Peter for failing to include a new cover sheet in his TPS report.
Efficiency consultants are introduced to the company through Mike Judge’s directive. Job analysis data is collected from employees. For example, ‘The Bobs’ ask Peter to describe his motivation for the job.
The efficiency consultants collect work motivation and techniques skills for employees to know if they qualify for a job or not. The assessment is used to lay off workers such as Michael and Samir (, 2015).
The jobs that are analyzed include clerical and accounting. Peter’s failure to include a cover in a TPS report reveals that his job is financial in nature. Initech fires Milton but a worker in the accounting department continues to receive a paycheck.
I would use employees to audit job descriptions by asking them to fill analysis forms. I would also ask employees specific questions about the scope of their duties and responsibilities. I would use desk audits and assess the interactions with clients and other employees.
Initech emphasizes on job enrichment, enlargement, and engineering and does not encourage job rotation. The company is concerned with worker-paced control and performance feedback. I would apply job rotation to make the job design better to boost motivation for all workers such as Peter and inhibit unethical actions in Initech (, 2015).
Performance appraisals are carried out through the directive of the top bosses (, 2015). Workers are dismissed based on the level of their displeasure to the management. The company can refine appraisals by using worker’s profile, assessment report and performance in each period to make dismissal or promotion decisions.

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