Appex Case – Case Study Example

Appex Case: Implications for Managers The Appex case is a very important learning point for all those companies that wish to excel in their activities as well as provide an opportunity for its workers to maximize their potential in promoting the goals and objectives of the company. One such application would be in the NutraMed Inc workforce and group management structure. NutraMed Inc is a nutraceutical manufacturing company that has a capacity of producing over 10 million capsules per day to fill more than 75,000 bottles. Such is a massive production rate that ought to be maintained and then improved on to ensure that the company becomes a dominant company in the nutraceutical industry.
However, there is a case for lack of efficiency. Given the discrepancy of positions, there are a lot of overlaps. For example, a production worker who works in the encapsulation area often shifts around in coating, packaging, testing; this inconsistency has led to lack of efficiency, traceability, and accountability. As a nutraceutical company, the team must have a predefined method of handling its activities to ensure that they are effective in delivering the end product. However, the hopping of workers from one area to the other has made it difficult to improve on the production of more capsules on a daily basis and thus reduces the company’s competitive rate in the long run.
This is grave situation where top management has to recognize the need for reorganization and focus for the workers. The management must learn about division of labor or else they would lose out on their clients. Division of labor allows for order, formality and efficiency. It also allows workers to specialize and perfect their skills. This increases the rate innovation in the company. As a manager, the model on the organizational structure will be of considerable help in ensuring that employees understand what is expected of them and the leaders understand their roles in the running of the company. Information is supposed to flow freely from top to bottom and vice versa, and this is what I will recommend to Nutramed Inc., after going through Appex Corp. situation.
Management roles must be taken into greater essence. The role of the manager is to plan, organize and delegate duties. As part of the division of labor, these roles must come into focus and developed through knowledge management to ensure that they become part of the company’s organizational culture.
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