Apple, Inc: Keeping The I In Innovation – Case Study Example

no. How apple keeps up with competition Companies that operate in common markets like Apple and Samsung are more likely to have intense and direct competition. Accordingly, competing firms are able torespond to the actions of their competitors by, for example, offering similar products at a reduced price. For example, in keeping up with the smartphone craze, Apple released the iPhone 5 in September 2012 which retailed at much cheaper price than the Samsung Galaxy S4 released earlier that year, even thoe.ugh the two phones share almost the samefeatures.
In terms of resource similarity, companies need to make good use of their rare resources. For example, Apple was able to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals when it introduced the iPod. According to Hitt, Ireland, &Hoskisson, the iPod is a portable device capable of carrying a large volume of songs downloaded from iTunes, a legal platform for downloading music to digital devices(22-23). Most of Apple’s competitors in the music industry were still using the common MP3 players and CD players to sell their music and music downloads were done via illegal file swapping.
Most likely, Apple’s competitors such as Samsung will try to come up with another device aimed at meeting specific customer needs just like they did with the smartphones. In response Apple will reinvent the device and make it better and cheaper. After all, that is the way apple works; the firm is not famous for inventing gadgets but instead takesup gadgets invented by others, reinvents them and make them better. AsBajarinwrites, Apple neither invented the tablet nor the MP3 player but the firm reinvented these two devices andmade them better than what was being offered by their competitors in the market.
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