Apprising And Improving Performance – Case Study Example

Apprising and Improving Performance Pepper Company TEAM mission is so important for the company. The TEAM slogan has been abbreviated to train all employees with regard to safety requirements. In addition to this, the slogan helps them in empowering each other since all the employees have the authority to say no to unsafe conditions. In one occasion, the company had hired a construction company which neglected the safety of its worker. One of the iron men from that company was spotted standing on a rail on the aerial lift without proper fall protection. The company lost the job since it ignored its employee’s safety. Moreover, the Slogan has helped the company to ensure that a commitment action is taken to protect employees continuously as a way to improve their safety. The company has also managed to motivate its employees by assuring them that their safety is the company’s first priority and the other objectives come later.
2. Pepper company is concerned about the safety of its subcontractors because in one way or the other Pepper Company is their parent company. For this reason, the rules that apply to Pepper Company apply to the subcontractors. If this fails to happen, Pepper Company as the parent company may suffer a bad reputation and may lose business if a negative image is created through its subcontractors. For example, if injury or death occurs to the subcontractors, Pepper Company will be solely responsible and this may have a negative reputation on them. This is the reason why Pepper Company is now enjoying improved performance.