Case 1 FedEx Corporation – Case Study Example

Case Study: FedEx Corporation The principle objective of this paper is to provide an in-depth analysisof the HR practices and programs that can be adopted by the FedEx Corporations following anticipated changes. FedEx Corporation has been praised for its non-lay off policies. However, this is likely to change due to incorporation of new technologies and redefining of its practices and policies in order to survive in the market. In effect, the company is forced to shrink its employee-base by about 200 workers. Consequently, this would adversely affect the organization and the workers in various ways. In order to counterattack this, the management should propose early retirement plans with good benefits and incentives so that old workers would easily accept the new policy without forcing them. Alternatively, the organization can adopt short-term strategies which include unpaid leaves, sabbaticals and reduced hours as opposed to lay-offs.
In order to guarantee the attainment of predetermined organizational objectives even after the changes in organizational structure, FedEx should consider embracing is the improvement strategy. Since the best systems are in place, the only thing required is continuous improvement and upgrading. This will ensure that the HR functions in the company runs smoothly. In this paper, it shall be revealed that the existing traditional corporate setting in the organization is somehow a challenge. The fact that some systems belong to the past is a barrier to making employees comfortable. The organization has the challenge of dealing with the fact that some of its members are in the Flight crew union. This means that demands will be trickling in regularly regarding the employees’ welfare (Anthony et al. 2010). Based on the identified challenges specific to FedEx Corporation, work systems that need restructuring. There is need to hire experts in the area of conflict resolutions. Someone with good knowledge in matters related to labor law should be put in place to ensure that the employees’ union matters are handled within the set out legislation. There is also need to do some modernization on the traditional corporate organization culture at FedEx. This will ensure that every department is up to date with the rest of the world.
In the event that restructuring proves futile, it is vital for the organization to maintain the existing organizational structure. The fact that there is use of the latest technology in the HR systems such as the PRISM HRIS places human resource function in good hands. The presence of an ambitious total quality management plan, timely communication as well as the executive support gives a reason why the HR function should be maintained as it is. The fact that FedEx has a good training program for its employees supports the need to maintain the present HR system. There is also the fact that the company enjoys a low turnover rate which is an indicator that the employees’ matters are taken care of through the existing human resource systems (Anthony et al. 2010).
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