Case Study 5-NE Wares – Case Study Example

Web 2.0 refers to a second generation of the World Wide Web. This version is absorbed in making it easier for people to transfer and share information and not merely have access to it. The advantages of this version is that its applications have been customised to fit many functionalities and that can be concurrently used by copious numbers of people. A site based on such a platform gives the user access to storage and software services by use of the browser. The web operator can also control the flow of data and its availability to users of the page. It also has the advantage of having user participation platforms and content that can be updated on a timely basis. Opening forums for getting feedback from customers is a good way of improving customer relations since they have an interactive platform and they get to feel like they are a part of the company. Since this generation can be updated on a regular basis, this feature should be adopted in posting the new acquisitions of the firm.
The way around the software and hardware acquisition problem is by use of compound software and hardware. This entails the acquisition of material that provides a solution to a number of problems. For example, a ledger is essential in tracking the performance of individual company segments. However, this may mean closing out a portion of each segment at separate times. The use of generalized facilities is the way to go and then later on, the firm can adopt more customized applications- this is especially fit for accounting software packages.
Information overload is a phenomenon that revolves around receiving or being exposed to more information than one can effectively process. The consequences of such an occurrence vary from being slow in making general decisions to a flawed decision making process. Some of the material may include: e-mails, reports or message alerts. The causes of information overload are varied, some examples are: the ease with which people broadcast messages in the form of e-mails to many people, the sending of duplicated material- individuals receive even irrelevant information that leads up to the clog. One major cause is also the use of poorly designed information hubs which results in the transfer of unfiltered information which takes longer to go through or contains several irregularities and thus calls for further research. The solution to these problems is limiting one’s access to need to know material- prioritization, and cutting- off possible distractions through the entire work day and this entails switching off the access points like cell phones.
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