Cons Of Donate To Charity In Africa And Why We Shouldn't Donate To Them – Case Study Example

Cons of Donate to Charity in Africa and Why We Shouldnt Donate to Them Charitable giving is not always en d to help people. People from as well as developed nations give with best of their intentions, but the act of giving is also associated with many things that can result to many disadvantages. For instance, Mike Bloomberg was forced to ban donations of foods to homeless shelters when issues were raised concerning the nutritional value of the donated food. Similar problems are also associated with other donations (Johnston 1). Some may result to more complicated problems, and some completely do not help.
Charity donations are associated with destabilization of local economies; many donated goods are sold on the black market because they do not reach the intended recipients (Johnston 1). For example, in the year 2010 Japan donated maize to Kenya that was later sold by the government of Kenya below market prices hampering with farmers’ hopes of making profit from their agricultural products. Some donations also catalyze the problems of the recipients (Johnston 1). For instance, supporting free primary education in Kenya through donating books makes the government of Kenya forget its role of feeding its citizens in Turkana, Northern Kenya. Many charities invest in African countries with the intention of alleviating problems. However, the investments sometimes catalyze the occurrence of the same problems need to be addressed by charities. For example, the Gates Foundation invested millions of dollars in companies involved in the production of oil. Unfortunately, the same companies were accused of resulting to respiratory problems (Johnston 1).
Therefore, donating to Africa contributes negatively to their local economies, and, as a result, we should not donate to them. Charity donations also hamper with activeness of governments; majority of the governments in Africa divert their respective responsibilities to donors. Solving this dependence problem calls for our withdrawal of charity donations. Thus, we should avoid donating to Africa so as to avoid the occurrence of many problems associated to donations.
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