Critical Note – Case Study Example

Critique on Leader as Teacher In the article Leader as teacher, the idea held by Ian Mitroff during the study on General Motors that, ‘a number of managers do not care about the styling and thus no possibility for challenging the validity of the same.’ I disagree with this idea since the managers will have to ensure that the employees deliver quality production.
In addition, the managers care about meeting the needs of the clients because they are in business, and the major goal in business is to retain clients within the firm. This is clearly different from what Ian Mintroff suggests. In as much as the production of the cars goes on, so is the interest of the management in ensuring that the client’s needs are met during production (Burns, 2012).
In as much as the author perceives that leaders are always reactive to situations, I would like to disagree because leaders are much aware of the situations in their surroundings. They always conduct a review of major issues that influence them and ensure that they effectively address any matter before it interferes with the institution that it heads (Burns, 2012). In addition, in every institution, there is the need for undertaking a market study from the directive of a leader in order to address the issues that are likely to be faced within the market that the company operates in (Burns, 2012).
Lastly, a leader has to ensure that the all the necessary provisions within an organization and they keenly considered the long term effects. I therefore hold that leaders are involved in decision making to large extent and ensure that the decisions are carefully monitored.
Burns, J.M (2012). Leadership. New York: Prentice Hall