CRM Software Selection – Case Study Example

CRM SOFTWARE SELECTION al Affiliation) Main functions of CRM Through CRM, the organizations will be able to track and organize the contacts of prospective customers. CRM store all the data of customers on a single base. The selection prioritizes the customers based on purchase history. Through all the application, Customer Relation Management maximizes the value of existing database of consumers in an organization (Goldenberg, 2008). Use of the system also allows employees in every department to see and know the history of consumers.
Comparative assessment
There are three types of CRMs, operational, collaborative and analytical CRMs.
Operational CRM refers generally to product and services that allow an organization to take care of their customers through provision of support for various business processes.
Collaborative CRM involves communication with customers and convers direct interaction with the customers through feedbacks.
Analytical CRM involves that which analyses the data of customers for a given different purposes. The type is used to design and execute targeted marketing companies that focus on effectiveness of marketing.
Analytical CRM will be of value to the organization.
Screen capture of the systems
Operational CRM
Collaborative CRM
Analytical CRM
Reasons for choosing the system
There are different advantages that are brought about through the use of analytical CRM. When the data is stored in a single base by the use of analytical CRM, the business is able to avoid errors that occur in the customer data. The business is also able to improve the services that are offered to customers to use customer contact information (Starinsky, 2003). Integration of all primary activities through analytical CRM enables the business to determine the most appropriate customers to target with their rewards. The system is also able to tell the company the time that they have lost a customer, as they are able to see the history of the consumer. The system can also be able to turn prospective consumers that it has to loyal customers (Starinsky, 2003).
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