Detailed Action Plan – Case Study Example

ACTION PLAN ON EMPLOYEES FUTURE WITH A COMPANY By Action Plan on Employees Future with a Company One of theimportant duties of managers is to continuously promote and improve the performance of employees in the organization. Performance management is therefore a continuous process whereby goals and objectives are set, progress is assessed and the feedback is evaluated to ensure that the employees are meeting their targets. For Gordo to perform better and meet the targets set by Sandcore Instruments, Wolf should develop an action plan that will cover the aspects of Gordo’s future with the company.
First, Wolf needs to set up an effective plan. Planning is simply a thoughtful process about how activities can be organized to achieve desired goals and objectives. According to the Human Resource Council (HRC), planning involves four major steps (2013, para. 3). The first step in planning is to identify, clarify and agree upon the expectations. For instance, Wolf ought to identify what Gordo has to achieve after which they will unanimously agree on the expectations needed to be achieved after a certain period of time. Secondly, Wolf needs to identify how results will be evaluated and communicate with Gordo on the evaluation process. This will enable Gordo to know how much is expected thereby making it easy to determine how much effort is needed to achieve the results. Finally, they should agree on the monitoring process and document the plan. This phase is usually long term and it will provide the employee with a clear path on what is supposed to be done.
The second phase is monitoring. Here, Wolf needs to clearly assess the progress of Gordo towards achieving the set goals. Any barriers that could inhibit Gordo from achieving the set goals should also be identified and measures put in place to overcome them. Wolf should also pinpoint changes that are required to take place in the work plan due to a shift in the priorities of the organization. These changes, if any, should be communicated to Gordo to know whether he is required to take on new responsibilities. Finally, Wolf should determine whether any extra support is needed for Gordo to achieve the set objectives. Monitoring is a long term process that will enable Gordo to be assessed continuously in order to achieve the planned targets.
Finally, the management ought to review and evaluate the performance of the employee. For instance, Wolf should assess the individual performance of Gordo and evaluate whether or not the set targets have been achieved. An appraisal meeting can be organized to determine the accomplishments and shortfalls of each of the objectives. In case Gordo has not met the targets, a corrective measure should be put in place. Wolf should explain to Gordo that correction is part of the feedback process. According to Wilson et al., correction should occur in private and specific feedback should be given (2008, p. 53). Doing this will enable Gordo to know how and where he went wrong.
Following these actions will ensure an improved performance in Gordo’s sales work. The management Wolf should therefore ensure that a good plan is put in place. In addition, continuous assessment and monitoring should be done and finally a good evaluation program should be put in place to provide specific feedback on the achievement of goals and objectives.
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