Discussion – Case Study Example

Pricing Of a Job by the Project Manager While planning and determining the value of a given job, a program manager has todetermine the actual and projected pay for the given job. The levels of knowledge needed will determine what the output (Heagney, 2011). The complexity of the job required adequate steps to be followed while pricing.
The first step is historical data in that the history of a related job is kept into consideration as a method of setting base on the pricing system. After setting base the market is then analyzed, this includes the economic value of it towards the firm and other external factors such as the living cost, the government and trade unions requirement and the amount of personnel required.
After setting the base and analyzing the market, the manager then categorizes the job into a curtain job group and the pay harmonized to fit it to its job group effectively. The categorization is then followed by the amount of work and hours that will be taken during the entire process. The average working hours are set and above the hours, one will be entailed to overtime. After considering these steps, then a firm’s project manager will be able to price the job effectively.
The key element of a project manager is to forecast some desired agenda, for instance a new temporary position has been created in a given firm (Heagney, 2011). The duties are defined but the pricing has not been done. The manager will determine the desired output and compare it with the companies goal priority and the job history and external factors will be used to award pay for the newly design position. The project manager works hand in hand with the supervisors in a bid to formulate a price that is appealing to jobholder and at the same time try not to exceed the budget.
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