Diversification – Case Study Example

Diversification Apple could enhance its ranks of value creating diversification through integrating the company vertically. This will help the company have better control of its value chain and the costs of its components. As seen in the research conducted by Hill & Jones, Apple has adopted a closely linked diversification strategy as a major part of their corporate strategy (357-61). The authors continue to argue that through the diversification efforts, the company has not only successfully managed to deal with the shattered image of the company, but also claim a huge market share (Hill & Jones 357-61). The company would result to designing its own software and processors so as they can increase the company’s speed. Through integration as well, the company can create more firmness in terms of competition from other suppliers (Hill & Jones 357-61).
Prior to creating an off-putting impact on the company’s outlook, the Apple Company determine could be one that the consumers would be yearning for at all times. Through diversification, Apple has managed to design products that have proven useful for the present day market and consumers (Hill & Jones 357-61).Through integration of its products, Apple has increased its sales as their products are manageable as they have an ideal operating system (Hill & Jones 253). Diversification has indeed helped the company assess the consumer needs in this era. In the long run, the company has managed to create products that have impressed the clients in terms of making their work less complex through facilitating technological processes.
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