E Business Questions – Case Study Example

E Business Questions Insert Insert M-commerce M –commerce offers an opportunity of providing wider reach, reduction in transaction costs, streamlining business processes, reducing the durations of making orders and establishing competitive prices. Advertisements through mobile telecommunication are expensive and quite demanding the inputs of the operators. Application of random messages to the regular and loyal customers would ensure efficient communication to the regular customers. The mobile advertisement would equally be sent to other subscribers in the region explaining the products offered in the chain and the price offers available.
The management of the information and efficient sharing would play a big role in ensuring efficiency of the operations. The sign up should play a major role in maintaining the operations of the companies and partners .The companies are to protect the accounts and information through the use of firewalls protecting the various sites and information of the shared clients data base. A network of gateway server will provide the best configuration since it offers an advanced filtering technique with options of multi layered awareness .Equally it has complex rules for ensuring validity of the data provided.
Payment Online
Online payments are effective and easily documented in comparison to person payments over the counters. Online payments have various advantages but have security issues to the transactions. In certain cases, the issues of banking frauds make online banking a risky venture.
Copyright issues
The investment of Disney in 56.com is ironic and has shocking effects to the logics of copyright issues. Disney in this case does not care about other production companies in the area but has the main aim of ensuring its products are distributed to a large audience as much as possible (Sarah & Lorreta, 2008).
The benefits of online payments ensure efficient and fast transactions hence easy management of the businesses. The complexity and complications of online businesses make the business owners to invest high finance hence shying away from the business models. New owners face many barriers in establishing new structures of operation hence complications in management in relation to established businesses.
Customers view online payment system as efficient and an easy means of carrying out transactions but they are pessimistic of risk from fraudsters in the online financial transactions.
Sarah, M., & Lorreta, C. (2008). Disney Affiliate Besieged by Pirates. The Wall Street Journal , 112-115.