EPDS Screening Case Study – Case Study Example

EPDS Case Study EPDS Case Study Nancy is mother of three living in Newark NJ and she works as a clerk in a local public school. She is married to Johnson who works as a casual salesperson at a local stationeries store. Their income is hardly enough to cater for their family’s expenses but it suffices to take them through the month. The eldest child is a grade one pupil; the second is a preschooler and the lastborn remains at home playing with children in the neighbourhood when everybody else goes away. Nancy is on public aid and George, a local public health nurse, visits her once a week. During the previous week’s test, Nancy’s EPDS score was a bit high and George felt that he needed to discuss ways of intervening in her case. There are things that cause high EPDS scores among women such as Nancy and there are ways that can help lower these scores. George and his colleagues in the Community Health Department discussed three questions to help inform their intervention.
What is causing Nancy’s EPDS scores rise? The nurses realized that responsibilities of bringing up three children were weighing heavy on Nancy and were causing her distress. The casual nature of her husband’s work was making him to go without work for sometime hence Nancy was strained with household expenses. What would help Nancy counter these issues? The nurses considered connecting Nancy to a local non-governmental organization that helps extend monetary aid counselling services to the people in the community. What are the referral resources available to intervene in Nancy’s case? The nurses could mobilize women with issues such as those of Nancy and form focused groups. Focused groups provide an avenue for low-income women to discuss their issues and derive support from one another (Rosenfield, 2007).

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