Ethics – Case Study Example

Business Ethics al Affiliation: Ethics in Business In the business arena, ethics are significantly involved in the sustenance and trust by the clientele and many business owners are strict. However, in some cases individuals fall short of these expectations thus compromising the integrity of the business. This is an analysis paper on the Wal-Mart’s bribery case in Mexico. Firstly, from the article it is evident that the parent company had foreknowledge on the goings at the Mexico’s subsidiary (Barstow, 2012). While these assertions may be highly contested, the fact that the firm’s top executives choose to retain the then director, Eduardo Castrol-Wright implies a cover-up.
The moral issues involved in this article were touched on bribery claims whereby the firm is alleged to have used money to influence the obstruction of mapping. Even though this was the major case, a former lawyer claimed the firm had embarked on mission to win market advantage by way of bribing (Barstow, 2012). Worse still, upon receipt of the claims from the senior lawyer, the firm’s top officials failed to take any action. Despite seeking the services of an FBI officer, the firm went ahead to claim there were no violations of the law despite apparent evidence of some $24 million spent on bribery cases.
Whatever judgment made by the executives at Wal-mart in Mexico concerning the case, it was utilitarianism. This theory analyses an action based on the outcomes that result from preferring one action to the other while taking into account others’ interests. This therefore means that a company can stand with an employee accused of wrongdoing if the actions will benefit the majority of the people. If the writer of this article happened to be the CEO, further investigations would be carried without bias and for the sake of company’s image, appropriate actions would be taken against the culprits, if any.
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