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Forum memos FORUM MEMOS WORKPLACE DIVERSITY: BANK OF AMERICA Workplace diversity is a controversial a topic that remains debated in the USA. Cultural activities, lifestyle expectations, attitudes, perceptions, race, gender, and other factors can create diversity in the workplace. An Organization requires using some strategies to create a diverse workforce. Some of these strategies include making changes to the culture within an organization and giving both genders equal opportunities (The Guardian, 2014).
The Bank of America supports having a diverse workforce. The bank employees are stationed worldwide because the bank believes by including a diverse workforce will help the organization achieve operational excellence. The dedication to building a diverse workforce can be demonstrated by the company’s decision to build the Global Diversity and Inclusion Council, which is headed by a manager. The department is constituted by leaders who drawn from different countries. Cultural forces may be very dynamic and unpredictable and may affect productivity of employees in the work. The council has ensured that the customs of the organization embraces diversity by being at the frontline to support it. The bank’s decision to promote diversity has bored fruits because it has grown tremendously. The bank also organized several team-building sessions where the employees interacted and many gained leadership skills. Stability has been achieved because of the diversity that exists in the organization (Bank of America, 2014).
Employees who come from different communities become unified through support programs. A network such as the Hispanic and Latino (HOLA) has been created to improve the working conditions of the Hispanic and Latino workers. The members of these communities are given a chance to practice their leadership abilities. The community has reciprocated the favor by committing themselves in helping the organization achieve its goals and objectives. The act gives a clear indication on how promoting diversity can benefit an organization (Bank of America, 2014).

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