Fragonard's Swing – Case Study Example

Fragonard’s Swing Art defines manifested creativity by a person and involves an artist’s expression of creative idea in a comprehendible form. One ofthe roles played by artists through their artwork is criticizing wrongs in the society. With the main objective being an ultimate communication of an idea, and the fact that artists generates their ideas from observation in the society, the artists plays a role in identifying moral wrongs and expressing them to the public for further criticism of for corrective measures. An illustration of a wrong that is hidden from members of the society for examples identifies the wrong to the society and may on its own elicit change. Gormlie explains that an artist can either initiate change through artwork or prompt initiative into changes from criticized vices. Artists therefore play an important role in criticism (Gormlie, p. 1).
The Swing, as painted by Fragonard in the year 1767, is an example of artists’ role in criticizing vices in the society. In the painting, the artist presents a woman who plays her old husband into swinging her while her younger lover hides in the bush to watch her open her legs in the process. The artist exposes many vices in the painting. The young lover’s affair as well as their trick to use an elderly person in their play is immoral and disrespectful. The set up also criticizes wide age gap in marriages as a tool to infidelity (Harris and Zucker, p. 1).
The artist therefore used painting to criticize infidelity and disrespect in the society.
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