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Obtaining Information through the Utilization of Websites Nowadays, it is possible to obtain specific information whenever an individual needs it. One can look up necessary information such as phone records and at some instances, even confidential information about people can be easily derived. An example of a website providing the aforementioned information is Abika (Electronic Privacy Information Center 1). This paper will discuss the details regarding the website Abika.
The website address of Abika is http://www.abika.com/Reports/FindPhoneNumbers.htm. This website has a variety of options an individual can utilize when searching for specific information. Examples of the options a person can employ include cellular and mobile phone caller identification directory assistance, reverse phone search: name/address from phone number, lookup phone number from address, search name and address from cell phone or fax number, name and address from disconnected numbers, and finding a name or address from a phone number. The site also offers free background checks and free people search. It can also be used in monitoring identity, searching police reports and searching assets such as motor vehicles, property, real estate, businesses, income and stocks. A person can also trace IP addresses using this site even looking up at marriage records.
The services provided by Abika can really be helpful especially if an individual wanted to trace someone harassing him or her by making prank calls for example. However, there are also ethical and privacy issues that are needed to be considered. Such a wide array of information readily available may also be detrimental to a person for it could cause him his safety. If everything about an individual can be looked up with just the click of a mouse, his privacy may also be at stake. Essential information like addresses, phone numbers and other significant information when used by the wrong people may endanger ones life. Having access to such important data may be alluring to identity thieves or worse criminals. Hence, the author of this paper deems that having access to such information could have positive effects as well as negative impacts. Transparency can be practised so as to prevent harassment by prank callers but the author of this paper believes that there should still be limitations in gaining access to such crucial information and this should not by any means be permitted to be in the “wrong hands”.
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