Got Milk – Case Study Example

Got milk Many products are produced from milk and a problem in the U.S. milk supply chain would affect them. The products include cream, yogurt, butter, cheese, ice cream, lactose-free milk, ghee, ice milk, and infant formula (Institute of Food Science & Technology 1; FAO 1). An ice cream business that used contaminated milk in its manufacturing process is likely to suffer from poor corporate image that would lead to loss of customers. The business is also likely to suffer legal consequences such as closure and monetary policies charged by a court or a professional regulatory body. The business, its key officials, and other stakeholders, who could have contributed, by negligence, to the problem, could be held liable.
Customer relationship management could have helped to communicate issues in the supply chain by establishing a communication forum between the dairy companies and their consumers. Consumers who realized the problem first could have used the avenue to notify the companies of their suspicion. A company could use CRM system to perform damage control through explaining, to consumers the company’s regrets over the problem and the cause of the problem having been outside the company and beyond the company’s potentials. The company can also use CRM to explain new measures for prevention a similar occurrence.
I agree with the court’s sentencing because of the gross level of the wrongs into the contamination. Difference in the sentences also indicates justice because the intermediaries and the boss had different levels of liability. The boss was only liable for negligence while the intermediaries were liable for negligence and crime because of their involved intentions.
Some of the recent examples of issues for U.S. companies because of Chinese products are independent issues raised by SolarWorld Industries America other companies under CASE over antidumping concerns from Chinese suppliers (International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development 1). In the end, regulatory measures shall be established to ensure quality of Chinese products in order to avoid potential dumping and importation of harmful commodities.
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