Hearthstone At Murray Hill – Case Study Example

Control systems in Hearthstone at Murray Hill Managers of many prosperous organizations have integrated the four control systems, diagnostic, belief, boundary and interactive, into their managerial strategy to ensure that they balance growth, benefits, and controls. Hearthstone Senior Living is an example of organizations that have been able to maintain efficiency and control while still offering employees/members the freedom to be flexible, innovative, and creative.
Hearthstone Senior Living perceives the interactive control system to be core and critical. The managers, Walter and Helen Friesen, together with their children Rod Friesen, Gerry Friesen, Bev Ecker, and Nancy Ralston regularly visit and interact with family members, staff, managers and residents with an aim of establishing any issues that affect them as well as to share ideas, love and hope.
Similarly, the belief system is also perceived to be vital to the organization. From their mission, ““to serve with love, respect, and integrity”, one can evidently see how the managers and supervisors are showing respect to the family members (Hearthstone at Murrayhill, N.p). By hiring people who are kind and kindhearted, training employees to provide “person-directed care”, and teaching its staff to uphold steadfastness and trustworthy, the company fosters its values which enables it to achieve its objective of creating a homelike environment.
What’s more the organization exercises diagnostic and boundary controls. The vision of the group is to deliver outstanding services that surpass resident’s expectations and nurture caring relationships. When their performance falls short, they learn from their mistakes and take immediate corrective action, an important aspect of diagnostic control system. On the boundary system, the organization holds accountable every employee for their deeds and has put in place to remind members of the commitments they made and reinforce what they should not do, particularly anything that will compromise the reputation of the organization.
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