International Management – Case Study Example

International Management The term “rules of the game” can be described as different ways ofcoordinating the actions and expectations of an organization to ensure success. The rules are detailed and useful norms applied in business regulations. In the business word success can only be achieved if the targets are clearly defined and the actions well-managed so that they are well understood by all departments. In this regard the actions must be precise, universal, and flexible. (Von halle and Goldberg, 2006) Additionally, formal ways of arbitration and labor specialization must exist to avoid unnecessary confusion within the organization.
However, in reality, different organizations use different tools and methods to meet their goals within the same market. Thus, complexity is caused by changes in business aspects like technology, occurrence of new events, changes in relationships (like acquisitions and mergers) and new business problems. (Ronald, 2003) However organizations have overcome this problem by investing on research, modeling of operations to test their efficiency, reciprocal adjustment and non-reciprocal coordination.
The term “first mover advantage in climate-smart strategies” refers to the benefits that a pioneering organization gains from investing in new technologies that have minimal negative effects to the environment. This involves using cleaner technologies and products that minimize pollution and depletion of natural resources. The first mover therefore gains from lesser cost of production compared to other competitors and also gains from firsthand experience of using the technology. In addition, the organization may also patent or copyright the technology or even treat it as a trade secret. (Thomas and Klaus, 2011) An organization can therefore benefit from royalties paid by firms that latter use the new technology.
In conclusion, the use of coal has several negative effects to the environment. In this regard, the burning of coal emits greenhouse gasses that are the major causes of climate change and environmental degradation. (Vaclav, 2003) As a CEO of coal-fired utility I would initialize research projects on alternative energy sources, improve the efficiency of the machines, use “clean coal technology”, invest in rehabilitation programs such as planting trees and invest in research on more efficient use of coal.
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