Tel-Comm-Tek – Case Study Example

Tel-Comm-Tek Company case study Tel-Comm-Tek Company case study Tel-Comm-Tek Company deals with the manufacture and sale of office equipment in nine distinct countries. The company is looking to expand into the Indian Market so that it can maximize on the Indian love of information technology while at work.
Individual characteristics
Diversity oriented person is suitable to drive the company into its penetration in the Indian Market. When a candidate has a diversified mind it means that people from different backgrounds in terms of culture and skills entrenched are in the same working environment. In addition, diversity will encompass gender, race, ethnicity, age, personality, and educational background. The candidate for the work to expand the company Indian Market should give Indians a chance to work in the company so that they feel accommodated (Daniels, 2011). This in turn will encourage the company to achieve cohesive in the workplace and attain set goals. A responsible candidate can help the company expand into the foreign market because they will work hard to attain the required results, and in case of any failure, he or she will be willing to be responsible for their actions.
I will recommend Atasi Das because she has good educational background and has been with the company for a long time. Her 12-year stay at TCT means she understands the company culture. In addition, her two-year experience as assistant manager means she can handle broader responsibilities when it comes to strategic planning especially at this time when the company is considering venturing into the Indian market (Porter, 1980).
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