The Scientific Method – Case Study Example

Number Submitted Why do we take Vitamin Pills? Science exists in our daily life and is the basis of how things work. The scientific method is the process that lies at the center of scientific inquiry (Zumdahl & DeCoste 8). The scientific method encompasses the different steps such as observation, hypothesis, experimentation and verification. This paper aims to explore why people perform a certain routine daily which is taking vitamin pills through the utilization of the steps in the scientific method.
Observation: Most people take vitamin pills everyday.
Hypothesis: People take vitamin pills for they believe that these provide the elements crucial in maintaining good health.
Experiment: A better way to test the aforementioned hypothesis is by conducting an experiment. The experiment will consist of a variety of individuals from different age groups who will serve as participants, one group will be the control group which will not be taking vitamin pills and the other group will be the ones who will regularly take the vitamin pills. The number of participants will be composed of 10 members per group and each member should be in a good state of health before the said experiment. The participants after gaining their consent will be observed for a month taking note of the changes they will experience with their health to know if vitamins really play a role in maintaining good health. After a month, each member of the group will be reassessed and will undergo a physical examination and the findings derived from the conducted experiment will then be analyzed and interpreted.

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