Women's Professional Soccer Case (A) – Case Study Example

number What were the most important lessons WPS could learn from WUSAs failure? After the formation of the Women’s United Soccer Association in 2000, there were a series of success moments especially when the Major League Soccer accepted their proposal. They were able to close the round with an approximately forty million dollars that were to fund them for the next half decade. The main challenge that WPS should take care of is concerning selling sponsorship agreements. WUSA experienced this kind of difficulty since among the eight, only three were sold. WUSA was forced to take on alternative sources of revenues that would definitely have negative impacts on the performance. The players in addition had to put extra effort by having to play exhibition games when the season is over. Lastly, WUSA is forced to suspend its activities during the third season due to small audiences and low television ratings. WPS could have used the example of WUSA to learn how to avoid such challenges in order to keep their league running all through the seasons.
What are the lessons learned in the first three seasons of WPS?
WPS seems to face similar challenges as those of WUSA regardless of them appointing a new commissioner. The main achievement that WPS had was having very powerful sponsors such as PUMA, MedImmume and U.S Coast Guard. In addition, more than twenty players from the 2008 gold medal winning U.S Olympic team got chances to play in the WPS. In the first season, the attendance was not as expected and the tickets had risen in price. The losses in the season rose to fifteen million dollars, and the individual teams faced a loss of close to two and a half million dollars. In the second season, the teams were reduced to eight since some lacked funds while teams like Chicago were removed for violating the requirements of the escrow. The attendance grew smaller and smaller with more than two thousand fans. It is at the end of the season that they lose their major sponsor, PUMA but lucky for them new sponsors such as Playtex and Citibank came on board. The losses however increased by a quarter in comparison to the last season. Sue to poor performance, the commissioner stepped down and the teams had reduced to six by the beginning of the third season. Sponsorship was a challenge in the season, and the attendance continued to grow lesser. From the failure of WPS, we can learn that sponsors are significant in the success of sports especially soccer leagues and the attendance. In addition, the management has to be superb especially in advertising activities and motivating the teams that are in the league.